The Queer Film Festival Utrecht is the LGBTQI+-film festival since 2019. Diversity, inclusivity and accessability are central themes during the Queer Film Festival Utrecht. We show the queer community in its most diverse ways and take you on beautiful, inspiring and sometimes emotional journeys. 


Our festival is meant for everyone, which means that we see Utrecht as one big cinema. On the street, in caf├ęs, in community centers, restaurants and cultural institutions, you will find our program in every neighborhood of Utrecht. 


The central theme of the Queer Film Festival Utrecht 2020 is freedom, just as the Midzomergracht Festival. In 2020, Europe celebrates 75 years of freedom and we are zooming into the individual freedom in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. Because actually, how free are we? 


On Saturday June 20th, the Queer Film Festival will kick-off with an open-air cinema at Domplein. Keep an eye out on this website, or our Facebook page, to gather more information about the festival. 

Do you have any questions, or want to help organize the Queer Film Festival Utrecht? Send your e-mail to info@QFFU.nl 

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2020 - Stichting Jonge Utrechtenaers
By Davey Moons